Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney Says Outing Dead Presidents ‘Completely Fair’

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Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney

Outing Past Presidents is Fine

… Do It for the History Books!!!

6/21/2019 1:06 PM PDT


Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney can’t confirm Pete Buttigieg‘s theory that the U.S. has already had a gay president — because who the hell knows — but he’s got no problem with historians doing some digging.

The openly gay representative from NY tells TMZ it’s impossible to know for sure if a past Prez was gay, but, like Buttigieg … he says there’s no doubt people have publicly served — both in politics and the military — while remaining in the closet, for various reasons.

As for whether it’s right to out these historical figures … Maloney’s got no qualms about it. He says it’s not really outing if the person’s been deceased for a long time, and it’s “completely fair game” to look into a person’s sexual orientation for the purpose of better understanding.

He emphasizes this is for the sake of historical context and learning as much as possible about important people … and compares it to studying up on Thomas Jefferson’s relationship with slavery.

It’s an interesting comparison, and SPM explains it better than we can … check out the clip.

BTW — Buttigieg’s comments about a possible gay president have sparked interest in who is most likely, with Abraham Lincoln and James Buchanan being the frontrunners. Scholars widely disagree on Lincoln … but there are signs that lifelong bachelor Buchanan was truly the first gay president.

But, like Maloney says … who knows?

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