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Berlin imposes entry ban, arms freeze over Khashoggi killing

[ad_1] BERLIN (Reuters) - Germany banned Saudi citizens suspected of involvement in the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi from much of Europe on Monday and moved to halt all arms sales to the kingdom in a firming of its stance towards Riyadh.The entry bans, targeting 18 Saudis suspected of playing

Blackpool hospital medic held over poisoning claims

[ad_1] Image copyright Google Image caption Police said the investigation was at a very early stage A healthcare professional at a hospital in Blackpool has been arrested over the alleged poisoning of patients.Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust raised concerns over care to some patients on 8 November, Lancashire Police

Peanut allergy treatment ‘in sight’

Hospital noise levels growing worse, say researchers

Giving blood: ‘We are reliant on blood donors to keep Henry alive’


TalkTalk hack attack: Friends jailed for cyber crimes

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Two Staffordshire men admitted charges after an attack on the TalkTalk website Two friends who took part in a £77 million hack on the TalkTalk website have been jailed.Matthew Hanley, 23, and Connor Allsopp, 21, both from Tamworth in Staffordshire, admitted their roles

‘Rogue One’ Gets a TV Show, Leia’s Daughter Loves ‘Episode IX,’ and More Star Wars News

Google halts glucose-sensing contact lens project

Now You Can Sequence Your Whole Genome for Just $200


Wombat poop: Scientists reveal mystery behind cube-shaped droppings

[ad_1] Image copyright EPA Image caption The Australian native produces up to 100 cube-shaped poops a night Scientists say they have uncovered how and why wombats produce cube-shaped poo - the only known species to do so.The Australian marsupial can pass up to 100 deposits of poop a night and

UK industry to make new ‘Hotbirds’

[ad_1] Image copyright AIRBUS Image caption The BBC World Service and World News Channel go out over the Hotbirds at 13E British industry is going to build two new spacecraft for the big Paris-based telecoms operator Eutelsat. Airbus will be the manufacturer, which will be supplying its new "all electric"

Palm oil: One woman’s fight to save ‘the last place on Earth’

[ad_1] Image copyright WFN Image caption Farwiza Farhan: Fighting to save Sumatra's biodiversity There is only one place in the world where orangutan, rhinos, elephants and tigers still co-exist in the wild. Environmental activist Farwiza Farhan is fighting to protect this last wilderness, Sumatra's Leuser Ecosystem. In 2012, her NGO,

Definition of kilogram set to change

[ad_1] Image copyright SPL Image caption The master kilogram, sealed in a jar and stored in a safe in Paris, no longer weighs the same as this "exact" copy - which researchers say is "not scientifically acceptable" Scientists are set to change the way the kilogramme is defined. Currently, it

Worries over CO2 emissions from intensifying wildfires

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images Rising numbers of extreme wildfires could result in a significant increase in CO₂ emissions, scientists warn.That could mean attaining the Paris climate agreement's goal of keeping global temperature rise well below 2C could become harder, they say. Present emission-cut pledges by countries are projected to

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