The biggest relationship mistake the MAFS contestants are making

[ad_1] Welcome to Hit Refresh. Over the next five weeks, we'll be bringing you articles created by experts that will help you live your best life in 2019. Today, psychologist Dr Marny Lishman takes us through the mistake many of us make when getting into new relationships.If you’re currently tuning

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Elon Musk Promises a Really Truly Self-Driving Tesla in 2020

[ad_1] Elon Musk is no stranger to bold predictions, and on Tuesday, he lobbed another one at self-driving tech doubters: The Tesla CEO said the electric carmaker’s full self-driving feature will be completed by the end of 2019. And by the end of 2020, he added, it will be so

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AI fake face website launched

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Apples or raspberries? The best climate-friendly foods

[ad_1] Food production is responsible for a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to global warming, according to a University of Oxford study.However, the researchers found that the environmental impact of different foods varies hugely.Many of us have cut down on using plastic bags and plastic straws, recycle where

Neolithic skull found by Thames ‘mudlarkers’

[ad_1] Image copyright Museum of London Image caption The frontal bone was radiocarbon dated to 3,600 BC Here's a piece of history pulled from the muddy banks of the River Thames.It's a skull fragment that is 5,600 years old. It dates to a time long before there was any permanent

Climate change: Death of the ‘grandfather of climate science’

[ad_1] Image copyright Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory Wallace Broecker, the US climate scientist who helped popularise the term "global warming" has died in New York at the age of 87.Prof Broecker was among the first to connect emissions of CO2 to rising temperatures back in the 1970s.He also studied the ocean

Mystery disease killing beech trees

[ad_1] Image copyright C.Ewing Image caption Once a tree displays the symptoms of Beech Leaf Disease, it will die in the coming years A mysterious disease that is killing beech trees is spreading across parts of the United States. Scientists say the disease, known as Beech Leaf Disease, has been

Cultured lab meat may make climate change worse

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images Growing meat in the laboratory may do more damage to the climate in the long run than meat from cattle, say scientists. Researchers are looking for alternatives to traditional meat because farming animals is helping to drive up global temperatures. However, meat grown in the