White House blocks Don McGahn Congressional testimony

Newsroom Former White House counsel Don McGahn will not appear before the House Judiciary Committee, defying the committee’s subpoena and setting the stage for another contempt vote to retaliate against the Trump administration for rejecting…

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Court ruling undermines Trump’s congressional blockade

He made a sweeping point about Congress’ power to hold a President to account — in an argument that will reverberate throughout Trump’s attempt to fend off an oversight offensive. Trump is appealing the decision,…

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The law is clear: Congress should get Trump’s tax returns (opinion)

He articulated the legislative needs that the House Ways and Means Committee intends to address, and he provided assurances that safeguards would be put in place to protect the taxpayers’ privacy interests. In addition to…

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What Trump’s financial disclosures do, and don’t, tell us

But who knows, really. The forms — and he’s been filing these as required by law since he was still just a candidate — are based on his own valuations, they aren’t subject to any…

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Iran stance straight from Trump’s North Korea playbook

The Trump administration is using its North Korea playbook on Iran: Use a “maximum pressure” campaign — the same nomenclature was used for Tehran and Pyongyang — to box the adversary into a corner, then…

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Prosecutors examining tens of thousands of Trump inauguration documents

The President’s Inaugural Committee handed over the cache of documents over the course of several weeks in response to a wide-ranging subpoena seeking documents, records, and communications concerning the inaugural’s finances, vendors, and donors sent…

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Michael Cohen tells Congress that Jay Sekulow knew Cohen’s testimony on Trump Tower was false

The claim comes from a transcript of the roughly 15 hours of closed-door testimony that Cohen gave the committee and the panel voted to release Monday evening. “Just to be perfectly clear about this, the…

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Trump’s financial disclosure conceals a ton of secrets (Opinion)

What do the numbers really tell us? Aside from the fact that Trump seems very rich, they indicate that business is down at the President’s Mar-a-Lago resort, but slightly up at the Trump International Hotel…

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READ: Judge Amit Mehta's opinion in Trump's subpoena case

In a 41-page opinion, Judge Amit Mehta of the DC District Court asserts that Congress is well within its authority to investigate President Donald Trump. Source link

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Burnett outlines issue with Trump's financial disclosure

CNN’s Erin Burnett outlines what we still don’t know after President Donald Trump released his public financial disclosure report, amid calls from his opponents for Trump to release his tax returns. Source link

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