Zion Williamson

Could Sign $100 MILLION Shoe Deal

… Says Jay Williams

2/13/2019 2:19 PM PST


Zion Williamson is SO good … a shoe company could sign the guy to a $100 MILLION contract when he leaves Duke — so says Jay Williams.

TMZ Sports spoke with the Blue Devils legend out in NYC when he told us Zion is so insanely talented, he should get the biggest sneaker contract since LeBron James.

“He has that marketability. That smile. And who else is 6-7, 285 with a 43-inch vertical that can entertain you like that? Nobody.”

Of course, LBJ famously signed a 7-year, $90 million Nike contract back in 2003 before he entered the NBA. But most guys coming out since haven’t come close to those figures.

In fact, DeAndre Ayton‘s deal with Puma last year was worth just a reported “multi-million dollars.” 

Translation … NOWHERE near 9 figures.

But Jay says Zion deserves a deal, at least, as big as LeBron’s … and seeing as it’s been 16 years since that contract — doesn’t seem it’d surprise him if that was in the $100 MILLION range!!!

BTW, in case you were wondering — Jay gave us his 2019 NBA mock draft … and yeah, Zion’s going No. 1 for sure in his mind.

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