Virginia Beach Police had a workshop planned Saturday on mass shootings

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At least 36 people intended to attend the Active Threat Citizen Defense session, according to the department’s Facebook page.
The class was planned days before the shooting and highlighted the need to prepare for potential active threat situations.
Shooter had a long gunbattle with 4 officers. They helped prevent more carnage, police chief says

“Having to face an armed individual with bad intentions is every person’s worst nightmare,” the class description said. “You can’t stop evil, you can only respond to it. The aggressor’s actions are not your fault; failure to plan and failure to train, is.”

The class was aimed at enhancing preparedness for citizens to “rise to the occasion” during such situations.

The teachings would include recognizing hostile situations, utilizing common items for defense and a “no-skills needed” maneuver to combat a gunman.

It is unclear whether the workshop will still take place.

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