Tyler Perry Billboard Shout-Out Worked Says Actress Racquel Bailey

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Tyler Perry

That Billboard Worked After All!!!

Actress Says She Scored Audition

6/7/2019 5:37 PM PDT


The actress who put up a billboard desperately trying to get Tyler Perry‘s attention for a job says the stunt worked … ’cause she landed an audition. 

Racquel Bailey joined “TMZ Live” Friday and revealed that — even after the famed director kinda scolded her for the stunt — she got a shot to audition for him. Check out the clip … Racquel says Tyler’s team reached out to her and asked her to submit a tape. Obvi, she did.

You’ll recall Tyler took to Instagram Thursday to call out Racquel … saying the stunt was the third time someone had forked out good money for a billboard to catch his eye.

Tyler essentially gave her the compliment sandwich: He appreciated the passion, said the stunt’s not a good look and closed out saying he has no doubt she’ll make it one day.

BTW … Tyler also said he’s seen her work — she appeared in 2 episodes of HBO’s “The Night Of” — and liked her. So, maybe it wasn’t the billboard that put her over.

For her part, Racquel says Tyler’s lecture didn’t faze her … not the least bit. In fact, she says Tyler’s post lit a fire under her ass.

It also didn’t stop her from showering Tyler with tons of praise. Smart.

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