Tropical Storm Barry nears hurricane strength

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One woman who lives in New Orleans said the possibility of another disaster is traumatic and stressful for people who lived through Hurricane Katrina.

Tanya Gulliver-Garcia, who lives in New Orleans’ Broadmoor neighborhood, told CNN:

“My biggest concern though is for my friends and neighbors, especially those who lived through Katrina. This storm is stressing them out. Trauma stays in your body and Katrina left a lot of trauma behind. I’m also concerned for those who don’t have the means to evacuate. Their choices were and are much more limited than mine. I have a network of folks across the country who would take me in at a moment’s notice and the ability to get there. Many people in this community don’t have that luxury,” she said.

She said she felt like the mayor was in a tough spot.

“Evacuations take several days to work well and there really wasn’t that much time. That was an issue during Katrina when Mayor Nagin declared the evacuation too late and chaos and crowded conditions on roads ensued,” Gulliver-Garcia said.

But, she continued saying the mayor wasn’t above the impact of flooding.

“She lives only a few blocks from me in Broadmoor. We’re one of the lowest areas of the city,” Gulliver-Garcia said.

How she is prepping:

Gulliver-Garcia said she is planning on taking what she calls a “hurrication.” She previously planned a to New York City, with flights scheduled to leave Friday night. But, she said she still is preparing for uncertainty and stocked up on food, gas and water in case her vacation falls through.

“My concerns are getting out for the vacation and then what I’ll be coming home to,” she said. “I’m going to move some valuable papers and all my prescriptions to a friend’s third floor apartment in Metairie. I’m taking 12 days of prescriptions with me personally for a five day trip in case coming home is an issue. I’m moving my car to the same friend’s apartment complex since it’s much higher ground.”

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