Tour company Thomas Cook collapses, stranding travelers

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With 160,000 travelers stranded, the UK government and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is launching its largest ever peacetime repatriation to bring them home.

The government and CAA has hired dozens of charter planes to fly customers home free of charge, according to a joint statement.

“All customers currently abroad with Thomas Cook who are booked to return to the UK over the next 2 weeks will be brought home as close as possible to their booked return date. The flights will start operating from today (23 September 2019),” the statement said.

Customers with return flights back to the UK will be protected and given a flight back as well — even if they aren’t of UK nationality.

“Under normal circumstances, passengers who are not ATOL protected would be asked to find, and pay for, their own way home. However, given the extent of the disruption the government is stepping in to assist impacted passengers and get people home,” the statement said.

The CAA is also contacting hotels where Thomas Cook travelers are staying, and covering the cost of their accommodation.

Read the full statement here.

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