Tiki Barber Says Daniel Jones Is Going To Be A Star, Stop Booing Him!

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Tiki Barber

Daniel Jones Is Going To Be A Star

… Stop Booing Him!!!

6/22/2019 12:10 AM PDT


Listen up, Giants fans … STOP BOOING DANIEL JONES — so says Tiki Barber, who tells TMZ Sports the quarterback is going to be a star!!!

“He’s got the smarts, he’s got the physical ability, he’s an athlete,” the legendary Giants RB says … “and I think he’s surrounded by some good talent.”

Of course, there ain’t many agreeing with Tiki right now … the consensus after NY selected the Duke QB with the No. 6 overall pick in April’s NFL Draft is the G-men WAY overpaid.

In fact, most doubt the pick so much … Jones was actually BOOED when he showed up to Yankee Stadium a few days ago!!!

But, Tiki is telling Jones not to make too much of all that, saying, “It’s his indoctrination into New York fandom, but he’ll be OK!”

As for when Tiki thinks Daniel will take over in New York … Barber says it might be a little while longer — ’cause he tells us Eli Manning still has something left in the tank!!!

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