“The Dude” or “Bozz Lightfear?” What the papers are saying

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Leon Neal/Getty Images
Leon Neal/Getty Images

After his short meeting with the Queen, the new prime minister and his new principal private secretary will travel back to Downing Street, where, traditionally, new PMs give a speech to the nation outside the black door of Number 10.

But after walking into Downing Street for the first time, a new prime minister has a couple of pressing issues to address. First, the civil service will brief the new leader on everything — yes, everything — they need to know for the job.

There are other tasks that need doing in the first week. From issuing instructions on what the UK’s ballistic submarines should do if London is taken out in a nuclear strike, to arranging advisers and political appointments, it’s a hectic period.

More immediately, Johnson will need to get on with forming his government. Right now, no one knows whom the new PM will ask to serve. During the leadership contest, he attracted admirers from across the entire Conservative party.

Rumors are wild, but the consensus in Westminster is that more people believe they are in the running for jobs than there are vacancies. This would mean that Johnson may have to let a lot of people down in his very first week.

Whoever is appointed, it will be seen as the first sign of what kind of prime minister he intends to be, especially when it comes to Brexit.

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