Mary J. Blige Supports Cardi B Getting Album of the Year at BET Awards

Mary J. Blige on BET Awards Here’s the 411 on Cardi’s Big Win … No More Drama, Please 6/24/2019 6:48 AM PDT EXCLUSIVE Some folks were upset¬†Cardi B won Album of the Year at the…

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Ohio serial killer’s mother was stabbed to death in the home where her son had been arrested

The suspect, 18-year-old Jaylen Latrell Plummer, entered the home where Diane Madison, 62, and three children — two 10-year- olds and a 12-year-old — slept and began stabbing them in their bedrooms, police said. Madison…

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Charles Barkley Rips LaVar Ball, ‘Keep Him Off TV, He’s An Idiot’

Charles Barkley Rips LaVar Ball ‘Keep Him Off TV, He’s An Idiot’ 6/24/2019 6:04 AM PDT EXCLUSIVE Charles Barkley HATES LaVar Ball — blasting the Big Baller as an “idiot” who should never be allowed…

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Beto O’Rourke proposes ‘war tax’ as part of veterans’ plan

O’Rourke is in Tampa on Monday for a veterans’ roundtable, where he is expected to discuss his plan for the first time. It comes before the Democratic field holds its first debate Wednesday and Thursday…

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Contemplating suicide, this Marine turned to yoga to save his life

“I stumbled upon yoga to save my life, basically, and I knew that I found something special,” he said. “And it’s taking me on a totally different path than I originally planned.” After a quick…

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Presidential warnings ‘easy’ to spoof

Image copyright Fema Image caption The presidential alert system was first tested in 2018 America’s messaging system that sends presidential warnings about impending emergencies is “easy” to spoof, warn researchers. Cyber-security experts from the University…

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Are fears about American deaths in the D.R. overblown?

The constant media coverage of American deaths in the Dominican Republic has led to the belief that there is a sudden surge. But that doesn’t match the data. Read More Here!

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Fighting Ebola is hard but in the Congo mistrust is making it harder

As the disease latched onto families and spread through tightly packed neighborhoods, rumors began spreading of organ harvesting and political conspiracies, even as more people got sick and died. When the ambulances came to take…

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’90s Women’s World Cup Star Mia Hamm ‘Memba Her?!

’90s World Cup Star Mia Hamm ‘Memba Her?! 6/24/2019 12:01 AM PDT Alabama born Mia Hamm was in her 20s when she shot to stardom after becoming the face of U.S.A.’s Women’s soccer team as…

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Raspberry Pi used to steal data from Nasa lab

Image copyright Reuters Image caption The Jet Propulsion Lab is currently constructing the Mars 2020 rover A tiny Raspberry Pi computer has been used to steal data from Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the space agency…

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