Oil prices surge and Trump says he has ordered use of emergency supplies

Trump, in a series of tweets, said that he had ordered that oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, or SPR, be used “if needed.” He said he would use enough oil “sufficient to keep the…

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Justice Brett Kavanaugh wants us to know he’s won (opinion)

How long ago the autumn of 2018 seems now, when a California psychology professor testified in public that Brett Kavanaugh had sexually assaulted her when they were both teenagers growing up in an elite Maryland…

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T.I. Asks Candace Owens When Was America Great at REVOLT TV Summit

TMZ/Getty Composite T.I. had a good question for staunch Trump supporter Candace Owens — when was America actually great … and what exactly is DT trying to emulate??? The rapper asked this of Candace Saturday…

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All the times Trump has said he's 'felt badly' for people

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin rolls the tape on all the times President Donald Trump says he has “felt badly” for politicians and allies. Read More Here!

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Andrew Yang Says Forgive New ‘SNL’ Star Shane Gillis for Asian Jokes

Play video content CNN Andrew Yang says folks should forgive Shane Gillis — the newest cast member on ‘SNL’ — over racist remarks he made about Asians … and more importantly, ease up on seeking…

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she knows what shes doing


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Conservatives fought for Brett Kavanaugh. They hope it was worth it

After all, Kavanaugh took the seat of Justice Anthony Kennedy, who stymied conservatives at times, siding with the left side of the bench on cases that capture the public’s attention such as abortion access, affirmative…

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my organs are so proud


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Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch deliver for Trump

For the most part, the two men, who attended the same high school and clerked for the same justice, cast consistent conservative votes. They also foreshadowed the future in some of their concurrences and dissents…

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‘ANTM’ Alum Renee Alway Arrested for Domestic Violence

Exclusive Getty Renee Alway — a finalist on cycle 8 of “America’s Next Top Model” — was arrested for domestic violence just over a year after she was released from prison. The former model was…

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