Oscar De La Hoya Says GGG Has To Wait To Get KO’d By Canelo

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Oscar De La Hoya

Canelo Will KO GGG Next Time

… But That Won’t Be Soon

6/8/2019 12:35 AM PDT


Oscar De La Hoya says Canelo Alvarez is gonna wait his sweet ass time before giving GGG a rematch … but when it does happen, this fight is gonna end in a brutal knockout for Canelo.

The two men have fought twice, and let’s face it, nothing’s really been resolved. The first fight was an extremely controversial draw, and the second fight was an even more controversial win for Canelo.

GGG wants the 3rd act really badly … but when we ran into Oscar recently he told us to tell Golovkin not to hold his breath.

“We’ll make him wait. We’ll see. He’s the B fighter now. Canelo’s the A fighter.”

We, of course, asked what Oscar thought would happen in the next fight, whenever it does happen, and he couldn’t have been clearer.

“I think Canelo will knock him out.”

Maybe he would … but will it matter if both men are in retirement homes by the time it happens?

We also talked to GGG — who’s fighting Steve Rolls Saturday night on DAZN — and no surprise, he ain’t into waiting for the trilogy fight.


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