Obama’s Million Happy Faces During Family Dinner in France

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Barack Obama

Beaucoup Faces of Barack on Vacay …

Post-WH Life’s a Dream!!!

6/19/2019 6:50 AM PDT

Barack Obama is living the good life after his time in office, and you can tell by just how many ways he expressed that with his face during dinner in the south of France.

The former U.S. Prez was dining Tuesday at high-end restaurant L’Oustau de Baumanière in Provence — where he and his fam are vacationing — with his girls and some pals. Michelle was across the table, while Sasha appears to be seated directly across from Dad.

In the pics, Barack’s face reveals what 15 different shades of joy as he and the table get in on a toast and take group photos in between bites. 44 even took up camera duty at one point, and he seems like quite the savvy smartphone photog. 

We’ve come to expect this type of setting from Obama in the few years since he’s left The White House, and after 8 years … he deserves every minute of R&R he can get.  

As for this dinner scene, imagine the Shia LaBeouf roller coaster of emotions meme and multiply it by ten. It’s a feel-good journey getting through this one. 

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