Nick Van Exel Hilariously Discovers Iced Coffee, ‘It Tastes So Good’

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Nick Van Exel

Hilarious Iced Coffee Discovery

… ‘It Tastes So Good’

6/12/2019 9:01 AM PDT

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Ex-NBA player Nick Van Exel is just now finding out coffee doesn’t have to be hot … and we’re so happy he did, ’cause it’s the best thing on the internet today.

The Memphis Grizzlies assistant coach lost his iced coffee virginity on Saturday … and the dude has been so obsessed ever since, he even tweets about it before he goes to bed at night.

Now, NVE is 47 years old … so that means the dude went a LONG time without the delicious cold beverages … and he’s letting everyone know how pissed he is for not telling him sooner.

“Just wanted to let everybody know — all my Twitter followers, everybody that’s in my phone, my friends, my family — real disappointed in y’all that y’all didn’t let me know about iced coffee before,” Van Exel says.

“Real disappointed, but since it tastes so good, i’ll forgive y’all.”

Wait ’til we tell him about iced cappuccinos.

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