NBA Team Asked Silly Brain-Teaser to Top Draft Prospect Nassir Little

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Nassir Little

NBA Team Asked Silly Brain-Teaser

… In Pre-Draft Interview

6/18/2019 12:08 PM PDT


It ain’t just the NFL asking bizarre, silly questions to potential draft picks — NBA teams are hitting prospects with some crazy brain-teasers,too … so says projected lottery pick Nassir Little!!

Little was a STUD at the University of North Carolina — and has been meeting with teams ahead of Thursday’s big draft night. 

And when we saw the 19-year-old out in D.C., we asked if he’d reveal the most interesting pre-draft question he got. 

So, if you’re ready to play … HERE’S THE QUESTION!!! 

You’re locked inside of a car with only a hammer to aid you … how do you get out of the car?!!?

Ya gotta watch the clip and see how Little answered the question — it’s probably the same answer YOU would give. 

But you’re wrong … and so was Little — and the correct answer is probably gonna make you LOL. 

Little definitely had a sense of humor about the situation — couldn’t have been nicer to us … and told us all about what he plans on buying once he signs that first NBA contract. 

Good luck!

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