NBA Mom Toya Holiday Gives LaVar Ball Advice On Getting 3 Sons In NBA

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NBA Mom Toya Holiday

I’ve Got 3 Sons In the NBA

… LaVar Can Do It Too!!!

6/22/2019 12:20 AM PDT


Jrue Holiday — New Orleans Pelicans

Justin Holiday — Memphis Grizzlies 

Aaron Holiday — Indiana Pacers

Yes, all THREE of Toya and Shawn Holiday‘s sons are CURRENTLY on NBA rosters — it’s an AMAZING feat — and now, they’ve got some advice for LaVar Ball on how to make it happen for him!!!

Crazy part is … Toya and Shawn actually KNOW LaVar and his family because of the UCLA connection — where Aaron and Jrue played their college ball. 

Remember, Lonzo played at UCLA … and so did LiAngelo (for a short time). 

So, how did Toya and Shawn help their kids make it all the way to the pros? 

“We didn’t get the 3 in there. They got THEMSELVES in there from their talent and hard work,” Shawn tells TMZ Sports … “We just kinda coached them.”

Toya noted, “It’s by God’s grace.”

But, when it comes to LaVar — who’s been highly criticized for the way he’s managed his sons’ careers — the Holidays SUPPORT everything he’s doing. 

“I think as parents, you know your children. He has to do what he has to do to get his children there.”

One question we didn’t ask, which we should’ve, is … WHAT THE HELL DO YOU FEED THREE NBA PLAYERS GROWING UP?!? …  that poor woman’s refrigerator.

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