Missouri’s House just voted to ban abortions after eight weeks. Here’s what happens now.

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Rep. Ian Mackey, a Democrat from St. Louis County, made an impassioned plea today on the Missouri House floor to strike down a bill that would ban abortions after eight weeks.

Mackey argued the bill violates basic rights in the Constitution.

“This is nothing but an affront not to Roe v. Wade, but to what it stands for: to the US Constitution itself,” he said. “The right to privacy in this country. Privacy from intrusion from your government.”

Mackey continued: “Today in this body, we, the government, us, right here, members are seizing every woman in this state. We are seizing her and we may as well be the ones tying her hands to the bed post and forcing her into childbirth.”

“Women brought all of us into this world, and I sure hope they vote all of us out,” he said.

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