Lower your energy, cable, cell phone, internet, security , pest control and satellite radio Bills with VIV

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What is VIV?

VIV is a platform that can help you lower your bills on the necessities of your everyday life. For instance, your energy bill, cable, internet and so on. They also have other products which will help you, in the long run, using their pro membership; with the pro memebership, it will include: credit monitoring and alerts, IT help, roadside assistance, travel discounts, theft insurance, and monitoring and much more.

The most exciting program is AUTOPILOT

It is a program that you will upload your energy bill; either residential or commercial and the system will get you the rate out for your energy bill. Now it only works in certain states because of energy deregulation ( state gave the ability to customers to shop for the best energy rate). The following states include Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island.  


Very simple you upload your bill in the system, VIV will work on your behalf to lower your energy bill or any other bill you want to upload. You don’t pay until they find you a saving.


For the autopilot energy savings, see the break down below on the images.

For the other bill savings, you will pay 50% of the savings; basically, you split the savings with VIV. So for example: VIV saves you $70 per month on your bill, you will pay $35 per month to VIV.

If you are interested you can either do it yourself by going to the link below or call or text me or email me

Phone: 603.205.3466

Email: lenny@lennyco.com




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