Lou Williams Gets Massive Bed, Enough Room for 2 Girlfriends!

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Lou Williams

I Got a Big Ass Bed!!!

Room for 2 Girlfriends!!!

6/12/2019 3:00 PM PDT

Exclusive Details

The guy who’s famously had multiple girlfriends at once just got a BIG ASS BED … and we think we know why.

L.A. Clippers star Lou Williams showed off the new centerpiece of his master bedroom on Wednesday … and the thing is big enough to fit like, 4 Shaquille O’Neals.

Williams captioned his IG pic with “California wasn’t big enough” … and he wasn’t lyin’ — the folks at MAREE tell us he got a bed 4-feet-wider and 3-feet-longer than a regular California King sized bed.

Now, remember … it was revealed back in 2014 that Lou Will was running the triangle offense with 2 different women — Ashley Henderson and Rece Mitchell — who were cool with him spreading the love.

Unfortunately, Lou and Ashley broke up last year, but things are still going strong with Mitchell … so if another girlfriend happens to come along, there will be plenty of room for her!!!

Congrats, Lou … on everything.

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