Live updates: Tropical Storm Dorian path and latest news

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Puerto Rican municipal and state emergency officials are preparing the eastern part of the island in anticipation for Dorian, Puerto Rico Emergency and Disaster Management Commissioner Carlos A. Acevedo Caballero said at a briefing Wednesday morning. 

Acevedo has been speaking directly to the mayors of Culebra, Fajardo, Ceiba and Naguabo, who’s main concern is the need for more generators. “Generators are on standby,” and will be ready to deploy where needed, Acevedo said.  

Residents are waking up to a trajectory, that is completely different from when they went to sleep, “thinking the system would enter through Ponce and now the system has a different route toward the east of Puerto Rico,” according to Acevedo. His message to the residents, “remain calm.” 

Emergency crews are on standby and residents with “blue roofs” or tarps are priority and have been evacuated to shelters. Ports have been closed by the Coast Guard, 99.1% of residents have power and airlines that have cancelled flights include: Cape Air, Seaborne, Frontier, Southwest and Air Caribbean.

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