Live: CNN’s latest poll on the 2020 election

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One of the big mysteries of the Trump presidency is why his approval rating remains so low, despite a strong economy. Trump has, after all, an approval rating of 53% from voters on the economy. Yet, his approval rating overall sits at just 43% with voters.

The question, therefore, is whether voters simply don’t care about the economy when judging Trump — and whether it would be even lower if it weren’t the economy.

I ran a bunch of statistical tests, and it turns out that an individual’s economic approval of Trump in our poll is correlated with his overall approval rating, even when you take into account variables like party identification, race, gender and approval ratings across different issues like immigration.

This suggests that Trump’s approval rating would be even lower if not for the strength of the economy.

This finding seems to hold in the swing state of Wisconsin, as well. According to Marquette Law School pollster Charles Franklin, voter feelings on the economy in the Badger State are strongly correlated with approval of Trump, even after controlling for a number of different variables.

Unfortunately for Trump, there are issues other than the economy.

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