Lindsey Vonn Defends Serena Williams in French Open Interview Controversy

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Lindsey Vonn

‘Queen’ Serena Deserves the Mic …

Yes, Even After a Loss!!!

6/8/2019 8:20 AM PDT


Game recognize game … which might be why Lindsey Vonn says Serena Williams bumping another player from a French Open interview podium is just the way it goes when you’re the queen.

The G.O.A.T. of women’s downhill skiing was leaving Craig’s Friday night in WeHo when we asked if the women’s tennis G.O.A.T. deserves the flak she got at the Open this week. If you missed it, Dominic Thiem was forced to move to a different post-match interview room, because Serena was in a hurry to do interviews and leave after Sofia Kenin upset her. Thiem was pissed.

But, Lindsey summed it up in 3 words … “She’s the queen.”

We’re pretty sure Dominic wouldn’t see it that way … he was pretty ticked after getting bumped.

Full disclosure: Lindsey and Serena are pals. LV was actually at the Open cheering on Serena at one of her earlier matches. 

And, sure, Thiem is the 4th ranked men’s player — he’s no chump — Lindsey’s point seems to be … sometimes ya just gotta kiss the ring in the presence of royalty.

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