Dina Lohan

She’s Not Being Catfished …

Boyfriend Ready To Chat!!!

2/13/2019 11:24 AM PST

Exclusive Details

Dina Lohan‘s alleged catfish boyfriend is going to prove he’s the real deal, because he’s planning to FaceTime Dina as soon as she gets out of the ‘Big Brother’ house … TMZ has learned. 

Dina’s love interest, 53-year-old Jesse Nadler, tells TMZ … he’s going to surprise Dina with a FaceTime call Wednesday night, as soon as she’s released from the “Celebrity Big Brother” house.

You’ll recall, Dina got dragged by members of the ‘CBB’ house last week for having an exclusively online relationship for years, and she insisted he was the real deal.

Jesse confirms he’s known Dina for 5 years, and they originally met on Facebook … he says they had mutual friends because they’re both from Long Island.

We’re told Jesse was asked to fly out to the ‘CBB’ house, but he couldn’t make it because his mother is battling cancer … so he’s going to use his new iPhone for his first ever foray into FaceTime. 

Lindsay also got involved in the trolling, commenting about the episode and saying, “So proud of you mommy! But no more weird #catfish please.” 

Jesse says he’s twice spoken to Lindsay over the phone, so he was pretty upset when he learned about her catfish comments … and says Lindsay has him all wrong, telling us he would never take advantage of a woman and considers being labeled a “catfish” the worst insult imaginable. 

Jesse also tells us he’s full-steam ahead in his plans to pursue a relationship with Dina.

Good luck, guys! 

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