Justin Bieber Confronted By Fake Ivan Drago, Fight Me!

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Justin Bieber

Confronted By Fake Ivan Drago

… Forget Tom, Fight Me!!!

6/21/2019 6:40 AM PDT


Fake Ivan Drago tried to pick a fight with Justin Bieber in front of Craig’s last night — showing up to the restaurant in FULL BOXING GEAR … and we got the whole thing on video!!!

The wannabe Russian was SERIOUS about trying to fight Justin — he’s the same guy who showed up to Logan Paul‘s home a few weeks ago to challenge the YouTube star to a fight. 

Remember, Logan actually AGREED and the two threw down right in Paul’s back yard. 

The fake-Drago is an aspiring social media star … but it’s clear he’ll do ANYTHING for clout. 

So with Justin trying to get an MMA fight with Tom Cruise. the imposter-Ivan planned to call out Bieber first at Craig’s where he waited for JB at the front door, pounding his chest and talking trash. 

Bieber blew him off … so, he stuck around for a few hours waiting for a second crack at the pop star — but that didn’t pan out either. 

Bieber clearly knows his worth (and his weight class) … he could make MILLIONS if the Tom Cruise fight comes to fruition — so why give out hands for free on the street?!

As for doppelganger-Drago … he’ll continue to seek out other famous people to fight. 

We hear Mike Tyson‘s in town!!!

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