Josh Hart Says Screw The Injuries, Toronto Deserved Victory

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Josh Hart

Screw The Injuries

… Toronto Deserved Victory

6/15/2019 12:05 AM PDT


Lakers star Josh Hart had one response when we asked him if the Raptors championship was tainted by the fact that the Warriors has SO many injuries during the NBA Finals.

“F*CK NO.”

We really could end the post right there but then we wouldn’t be able to remind you that the Warriors lost both Kevin Durant AND Klay Thompson during the Finals, but that Hart doesn’t seem to care.

That’s not all he said when we got him leaving Deliah either … he gave a heartfelt shout out to his friend and hometown hero Kyle Lowry, who just got his first championship ring up in the 6.

If you’re wondering, we asked Hart approximately 1 million Lakers related questions, mainly about the Anthony Davis related trade rumors, and he punted like Brad Wing on all of them.

But, it was still amazing and dope how he gave it up for Lowry, you gotta see it.

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