Josh Elliott Gives Update on Driver in ATV Crash on ‘First Responders Live’

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Josh Elliott

ATV Crash On ‘First Responders Live’

… Driver Miraculously Survived!!!

6/19/2019 3:16 PM PDT


Josh Elliott is here with some good news on the out-of-control ATV driver who led police on a wild chase that ended with him getting SMOKED by another car … the dude somehow walked away alive!!!

The host of the new FOX reality series “First Responders Live” tells us the man recklessly riding around Baton Rouge and eluding cops before a super scary wreck is miraculously on the road to recovery … and it’s all thanks to the police and paramedics the show’s TV cameras were embedded with. 

Josh’s new show premiered on FOX last Wednesday and it quickly proved why it’s a raw, in-depth look at first responders … because viewers were given front-row seats as a police chase turned into a horrifying car wreck in the blink of an eye, which Josh says illustrates the interplay between cops, firefighters and paramedics. 

‘FRL’ embeds cameras in several cities across the country, documenting a night in the lives of the men and women who put their lives on the line to protect others. 

Check out our clip … Josh explains why dumb luck plays a key role in the show, and tells us how fortunate the ATV driver is to be alive.

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