‘Jeopardy!’ Leaked James Holzhauer Footage Airs, Get Ready for Spoilers

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Monday Episode Airs After Web Leak

… Major Holzhauer SPOILER Alert!!!

6/3/2019 10:45 AM PDT

Okay, we’re gonna tell ya right off the bat “Jeopardy!” fans … SPOILER ALERT!!!!

If you’ve been watching James Holzhauer‘s ridiculous, record-setting hot streak on “Jeopardy!” … ya probably heard about the footage of Monday’s episode that leaked on the Internet … and now we can tell you for sure if it was real.

It was. That revelation came to light when Monday’s episode started airing in certain cities across the country. Viewers witnessed James’ reign get stripped away from him when he lost in Final Jeopardy to a woman named Emma … who basically bet the farm to beat JH and the other contestant. 

That’s gotta sting for James, seeing how he got it right, but simply didn’t have confidence enough to wager enough. He ended up with $24,799 to Emma’s $46,801. He noted in an interview afterward that even if he doubled down, it wouldn’t have been enough if Emma also answered correctly and wagered slightly more than him. 

Unfortunately for him, she did exactly that.  

Prior to Monday’s loss, James was on a roll … having won 33 games in a row and racking up almost as much as the 2004 “Jeopardy!” champ, Ken Jennings — just over $2.5 million. James fell short of that by $58,484 … and with that, Ken continues to hold the record for prize money.

That doesn’t mean James doesn’t hold a few records of his own on the show though. He won the most money in one game, and for 11 times during his streak … he went an entire game without buzzing incorrectly. Not too shabby for second place all-time.

Question … what is a bitter-sweet bummer? The floor is yours, James.

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