Jarvis Landry’s Daughter Befriends Baby Deer In Most Adorable Video Ever

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Jarvis Landry

Daughter Befriends Baby Deer …

Most Adorable Video Ever

6/4/2019 9:19 AM PDT

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Here’s the cutest video EVER … Jarvis Landry introduced his daughter to a baby deer Monday — and they became best friends!!!

Unclear where or how the Cleveland Browns star encountered the fawn … but we’re all thankful he broke out his camera when the baby deer walked up to his daughter — because the video is awesome.

The deer strolls up to Jarvis’ baby … and it allows her to pet it — “it’s soft,” she says — and then she wants to bring it into the house!!!

Landry tells her they just can’t do that … but they CAN try to find it some food — and that’s when the deer follows the little girl up to the porch. 

The vid ends before we see if Jarvis fed the deer … but either way — ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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