Impeachment fizzles against Trump after Mueller testimony

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But Mueller’s presentation during his testimony to the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees was significantly short of the sort of tour de force that would have compelled members on the fence to jump off en masse in favor of impeachment.

That only a few members joined those calls speaks to the lack of convincing that Mueller’s testimony did.    

“I think it probably is going to stay where it is,” Rep. Juan Vargas, a California Democrat, told CNN’s Ashley Killough and Ali Main about the impeachment count. “I mean, a lot of us who have believed in impeachment for a long time I think will continue to believe and I think those that didn’t will continue not to believe.”

The Point: The 2020 election was always the best (and maybe only) way Democrats were ever going to remove Trump. That seems even more clear with the Mueller testimony in the rearview mirror.

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