George Lopez Says Barron Trump’s Fair Game in Immigration Post

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George Lopez on Trump

Barron’s Fair Game in Immigration Talk

… So What If He’s a Kid???

6/22/2019 2:10 PM PDT


George Lopez doesn’t mind including President Trump‘s son, Barron, when criticizing DT’s immigration policies … and don’t give him the “he’s a kid” line, either.

The comic was leaving the Palace Hotel Saturday in NYC, where we got a chance to ask him about an IG post he’d just thrown up … which basically calls out the Prez for being so harsh on immigrant children, while his own offspring have immigrant mothers themselves.

In the post … Don Jr., Ivanka, Eric and 13-year-old Barron are referred to as an “anchor baby” — meaning a kid born by a non-citizen mother in a country that offers birthright citizenship.

For the record, Ivana — Trump’s first wife, and mother of his older three children — obtained citizenship in 1988, and her and DT’s kids were all born before that. Melania obtained her citizenship in 2006 (the same year Barron was born) but it’s unclear what month.

The bigger point here though … was it appropriate to include Barron in the critique at all? Ya know … since he is a minor?? George says absolutely … especially in this administration. 

Check it out … he flips the question back on our photog, asking what’s the difference between Barron and any number of the children being detained down by the border. The issue’s timely — Trump just announced he was gonna hold off mass ICE raids on families.

We also asked if the President gets credit for pulling back on retaliating against Iran for shooting down an American drone … guess what George had to say about that.

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