Full Video of Youth Baseball Brawl Shows Kids Running, Adults with Bats

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Youth Baseball Brawl

Full Video Shows Kids Running Scared

… Parents with Bats


TMZ Sports has obtained the full, unedited video of that terrifying brawl at a youth baseball game in Colorado … and it’s even worse than we thought.

The person who shot the June 15 footage at Westgate Elementary School in Lakewood tells us the violence began when a woman walked onto the field brandishing a baseball bat as a weapon … and a male parent tried to take it away from her.

During the struggle over the bat (captured on video), some parents began attacking the man, beating him down to the ground.

The violence continued for several minutes while little kids — terrified — tried to run off the field for safety.

The parents continued to attack each other … while scared parents in the stands begged the combatants to stand down.

At one point, the woman recording the brawl begins to pray to Jesus to send angels down from the heavens to stop the violence.

Eventually, the fighting stops — but the arguing continues — with parents from both teams screaming at each other to leave the field.

Other parents are shouting that the police have been called … but it doesn’t seem to scare anyone.

You can see other parents pacing around the field holding bats while they wait for cops to arrive.

Eventually, police did show up and issue citations to multiple people. They’re still on the hunt for the man who threw a violent sucker punch to an unsuspecting parent, sending him down to the ground.

We’re told from witnesses that the whole thing exploded from a dispute over the rules.

Long story short, one team showed up with 13 players — the other with 8 … and parents were unhappy with how the game was playing out.

Arguments broke out in the stands and, eventually, parents asked the 13-year-old umpire to put a stop to foul language being thrown around. It was NOT over a bad call by the ump. 

But, things only got more heated from there … and we’re told when the woman walked onto the field with the bat, all hell broke loose.

Cops say between 15 and 20 adults were involved in the incident. 

The Lakewood Police Dept. is especially upset at the dude in the white shirt and teal shorts who blindsided a man with a pretty violent shot to the head.

Cops say several people have already been cited in this fight for disorderly conduct and fighting in public — but they’re clearly not done yet.

Officials also say at least one of the injuries is being classified as “serious.”

So far, it doesn’t appear any children were injured in the fight.

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