Florida Senator Not Down To Share Rays With Montreal, Get Your Own Team!

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Florida Senator Rick Scott

Not Down To Share Rays w/ Montreal

… Get Your Own Team!!!

6/24/2019 9:58 AM PDT


Florida senator Rick Scott HATES the idea of the Tampa Bay Rays splitting time between Montreal and Florida, telling TMZ Sports, “I hope they can come to an agreement and stay [in FL] full-time.”

The Rays have already got permission from MLB officials to explore becoming a two-city team — the plan would be to play half their home games in Canada and the other half in Tampa Bay.  

So, when we spoke with Scott in NYC after his appearance on “Squawk Box,” he made it clear he wants the ball club in Florida FULL-TIME!!!

“I just wish them all to stay in Tampa,” Scott says. 

“Look, Montreal is a beautiful city. I’ve enjoyed the times I’ve had the opportunity to visit there. But, I hope Tampa spends all their time in Florida.”

Scott says he’s sat down with the Rays management team and says they made it clear they want a better stadium and a new location … but making that a reality is super challenging. 

As for the proposed two-city split, Scott says he understands WHY Montreal is pushing for the move — they’ve wanted an MLB team in town ever since losing the Expos back in 2004. 

“I’m sure they’re anxious to get a team just like we’re anxious to make sure [the Rays] don’t leave.” 

Of course, the whole reason the Rays are reportedly pondering the move is because their stadium is ancient and fan attendance is alarmingly low.

The good news for Scott … the proposed idea wouldn’t go into effect until 2024. So, there’s still time. 

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