D’Angelo Russell Helps Short Soccer Star Nail Slam Dunk

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D’Angelo Russell

Lifts Short Soccer Star To Dunk …

Lemme Give You a Hand!!

6/5/2019 12:56 PM PDT

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No, this is not a shot from “Dirty Dancing” … it’s NBA star D’Angelo Russell lifting his new soccer friend, Riqui Puig, up for his first slam dunk ever!!!

DLo — a huge FC Barcelona fan — visited the team facility in Spain for a VIP tour … and got to hang out with the 5’7″ midfielder to shoot and kick some balls around.

Puig shows off his J, but admits he’s too vertically challenged to ever graze the rim on his own … so the 6’5″ hooper gave him a hand for his first-ever dunk!!

DLo gets major props for his footwork during some keep-ups … and even lands a goal in the back of the net when they tested his skills on the pitch.

Best part — Russell got his own custom #1 Barca jersey … so maybe he’s already got his free agency destination already picked out!!

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