Costco shooting: One killed and 2 injured in Corona, California

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An unidentified man is in custody after firing inside the store Friday evening, said Lt. Jeff Edwards of Corona Police. The shooting stemmed from an argument inside the store, he said, but the relationship between the victims and the alleged gunman is unclear.

The incident is not believed to be a domestic dispute, Edwards said.

The Corona Police Department tweeted that the scene has been stabilized and there are no outstanding suspects or threats to the community.

The gunman told authorities he was injured, and he and the victims were taken to hospitals, Edwards said. The extent of the injuries is not clear.

Some people were also injured trying to flee the store, Edwards said.

Naveed Navi and Rochelle Flores told CNN affiliate KTLA they were in the store shopping for items for a barbecue when gunshots rang out.

They heard four shots, the pair told the station, and tried to escape through emergency doors, but they wouldn’t open.

“It’s not very fun when you’re scared and you’re running for your life, and you’re trying to open a door that says ’emergency’ and they don’t open,” Flores told the station. “Everybody was freaking out. People were falling over each other.”

She described chaos and confusion as shoppers tried to flee through the front entrance.

“Everybody’s running around,” Flores said. “It’s scary.”

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