Conor McGregor’s Helping Artem Lobov Kick Paulie Malignaggi’s Ass

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Conor McGregor

Helping Lobov Kick Malignaggi’s Ass

Gave Him Scouting Report

6/20/2019 3:38 PM PDT


Conor McGregor is helping his boy Artem Lobov beat the hell outta Paulie Malignaggi… by hooking his friend up with a scouting report on how to kick the boxers ass.

Lobov and Malignaggi are fighting Saturday night at Bare Knuckle FC 6 in Florida … and the lead up to the fight has included spitting, slapping and death threats.

They HATE each other.

Malignaggi — a former 2 weight class world champ — is the betting favorite, and most pick him to win the fight … but Artem has at least 1 advantage.

The Notorious.

Remember, Paulie was Conor’s sparring partner back in ’17 while he prepped for his Floyd Mayweather fight … and there was big beef between the 2 guys when Conor released footage of the men sparring.

Malignaggi said the footage was edited to make him look bad, and Conor said he knocked PM around … but 1 thing’s for sure — the bad blood is genuine.

Fast-forward to now … Artem tells us he consulted with his good friend and strategized on just how to pick apart Paulie.

“We broke down the whole spar, so I know everything. I know his weaknesses, and I know his strengths. I was getting ready for the best version of Paulie, even though I knew a fat mess is gonna show up.”

What’s Artem’s message for the man who promised to put him in a body bag?

“This whole thing started from what? It all started from Paulie getting his ass whooped, and then crying like a little bitch.”

“And that’s exactly how this is gonna end. Him getting his ass whooped 1 more time and crying like the little whiny bitch that he is.”

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