Cobi Jones to U.S. Women’s Soccer Team, ‘Keep Scoring Goals!’

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Cobi Jones

To U.S. Women’s Soccer

‘Keep Scoring Goals!’

6/13/2019 11:16 AM PDT


U.S. soccer legend Cobi Jones LOVES the fact the U.S. Women’s National Team racked up 13 goals against Thailand … and says the criticism they’re getting is a bunch of crap. 

The U.S. women have been under fire from people who accused the team of bad sportsmanship for running up the score and celebrating every single goal. 

So, when we saw Cobi — one of the most famous U.S. soccer players of all time — we asked if he thought the team took things too far. 

“I don’t think it’s bad sportsmanship,” Jones told TMZ Sports in L.A. … “I don’t think any of the celebrations were directed toward the other team. [They weren’t] running over to their bench or getting in the face of the other players. It was all internal meant for them and their group.”

Jones says the downside to such a dominant performance is there will be a bunch of new HATERS who want to see the U.S. lose … because “We tend to root against the winners.”

Still, Cobi says he wants to see Alex Morgan and company keep their feet on the gas … saying, “Keep scoring goals! Celebrate! It’s the World Cup!”

Team USA takes on Chile on Sunday … where the Americans are currently favored by 4.5 goals. 


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