Celebrity chef Tom Colicchio tweets about the shooting

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One witness at the Gilroy Garlic Festival, where a shooting has been reported, told CNN that the aftermath was “complete chaos.”

“I was walking away from the stage … About two minutes later, I looked over to hear multiple gunshots and saw smoke through the air,” Lex De La Herran said.

“Initially I thought it was fireworks. People started screaming and running, I instinctively did the same. It was complete chaos, I am so lucky that I left the stage near where it happened.”

“I couldn’t see them, there was lots of gun smoke flying through the air and a piece of shrapnel came flying and struck me in the forehead, left a little bruise. I remember seeing a whole stampede of people running, jumping fences. Some man screamed. ‘Those are real,'” De La Herran said.

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