Spy chief debacle sends Trump back to the drawing board

While priorities have shifted in the wake of last weekend’s mass shootings in Texas and Ohio, sources familiar with the deliberations told CNN that a wide array of potential candidates to replace outgoing Director of…

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Phil Mudd: There's something else afoot here

CNN analysts Phil Mudd and Susan Hennessey react to Deputy Director of National Intelligence Sue Gordon resigning her post. Read More Here!

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Top intel official interrupted meeting to urge his deputy to resign

While details of the conversation between Gordon, an intelligence veteran of more than 30 years, and Coats remain unclear, sources say that the situation clearly abruptly changed after the meeting was interrupted. Shortly after her…

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Sholom Rubashkin: the inside story of how a kosher meat kingpin won clemency under Trump

But it wasn’t Pelosi or Dershowitz who convinced Trump to give clemency to Rubashkin. It was the persistence of his son-in-law Jared Kushner, according to the impression of three former officials close to the issue….

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Bulletproof backpacks will not save my son during a school shooting (opinion)

Here’s what I won’t be buying either of them: bulletproof backpacks. Sales have soared in the wake of mass shootings in California, Texas, and Ohio, and I can’t blame parents who are desperate to buy…

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NRA on background checks: Gun-rights organization will ‘get there.’ Trump says

“I really believe that the NRA — I’ve spoken to them numerous times — they’re great people… and frankly I really think they’re gonna get there also,” Trump told reporters outside the White House on…

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A US Border Patrol boat on the Rio Grande takes fire from the Mexican side

More than 50 rounds were fired and the boat was hit several times, but no one on board was injured, according to the agency. Shots rang out while the agents were patrolling near Fronton, Texas,…

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President Trump defends ICE raid strategy

Asked Friday why there wasn’t a better plan in place to deal with the children after their parent’s arrest, Trump told reporters outside the White House south lawn, “You have to go in, you can’t…

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Walmart pulls violent video game displays but keeping guns

The change in policy does not apply to the sale or display of actual firearms. As the nation’s largest retailer, Walmart is also one of the largest sellers of guns and ammunition in the world….

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El Paso shooting: Suspect claims distance from hometown helped him choose target, sources say

Patrick Crusius, the detained suspect in Saturday’s shooting, told investigators this was one reason why he chose El Paso, the sources said. Crusius believed that if he committed the attack near his home in a…

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