Trump’s interest in Ukraine ramped up as Giuliani pressed on Biden claims

Now Ukraine has become wrapped in the Trump presidency’s many subplots: the role of Russia and President Vladimir Putin, the legacy of Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama, Trump’s reelection outlook and a loose network of advisers…

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Trump unleashed: He’s talking more and tweeting more

If you feel like you are hearing the President’s voice all the time, you are not imagining things. Trump is talking and tweeting more in 2019 than he did in 2018 — which was, in…

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Orthodox Jews fear being targets of rising anti-Semitism

Gopin, 63, had gone out to get some fresh air in a park in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, late last month, when someone came up and began punching him. When Gopin…

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Black man goes undercover as white supremacist

Theo Wilson talks about going undercover online as a white supremacist ahead of the one-year anniversary of violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. Read More Here!

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Free speech wars miss the point of college (opinion)

Major research universities will likely be under a spotlight, criticized for supposedly providing a platform for political craziness rather than innovative research, and surely there will be liberal arts college professors labeled “illiberal liberals” (or…

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US attorney delivers harsh message to white supremacists

A federal prosecutor used a routine news conference announcing criminal charges to deliver a harsh message to those who advocate white supremacy and white nationalism. Read More Here!

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YouTube says it'll ban Nazi accounts and Sandy Hook deniers

YouTube says it will ban supremacist content and remove videos that deny well-documented atrocities, like the Holocaust and the massacre at Sandy Hook elementary school. The company says it will be removing hundreds of thousands…

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He tweeted hate at her. She sued. Then she met him

“I was terrified. I didn’t know who these people were. I didn’t know where they were. I didn’t know if they were coming to find me,” Dumpson told CNN in an exclusive television interview. And…

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Trump will hold session on religious persecution instead of attending UN climate summit

Instead, the President is chairing his own session focused on worldwide religious persecution. It’s the latest evidence of Trump’s isolation on the climate issue with his fellow world leaders. During the G7 summit in France,…

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Cuomo breaks down Rudy Giuliani's wild interview

CNN’s Chris Cuomo analyzes his interview with Rudy Giuliani, debunking Giuliani’s claims about former vice president Joe Biden. Read More Here!

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