Boston’s J.D. Martinez, Trump Visit Didn’t Divide Our Team!

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Boston’s J.D. Martinez

Trump Visit Didn’t Divide Us …

He Was Awesome!!!

6/1/2019 12:20 AM PDT


Some boycotted, others didn’t — so, how did the Boston Red Sox players get along AFTER that controversial May 9 trip to Trump‘s White House?

… according to star outfielder J.D. Martinez, everyone handled it VERY well and haven’t let politics destroy their clubhouse. 

Remember, Martinez DID go to 1600 Penn a few weeks ago — despite stars like David Price, Mookie Betts, Jackie Bradley Jr. and manager Alex Cora opting to stay away to protest POTUS.

Martinez says the trip was “amazing” — and claimed Donald gave the squad an “awesome” private tour of the Lincoln Bedroom, just as he promised. 

The Sox won 3 out of their next 4 games after the White House visit — and Trump took some credit for the hot streak. 

But, things have cooled off … Boston’s 10-8 since the D.C. trip. 

If Martinez is right — and everyone’s leaving politics off the diamond — probably a good thing … right??? 

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