Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Security Busts Out Taser on Alleged Bicycle Thief

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Arnold Schwarzenegger

Security Stops Bike Theft

Busts Out Taser!!!

6/7/2019 10:39 AM PDT

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Arnold Schwarzenegger made a clean getaway when his bodyguard got into a showdown — that involved a taser — with an alleged bicycle thief outside of Gold’s Gym.

The bizarre confrontation went down Friday in Venice, CA, just as Arnold was wrapping up his morning pump. 

We’re told he was inside the gym when a man with a bandana on his face came up on the rack outside and tried to steal Arnold’s gold bike. The Governator had his own private security parked nearby in an SUV keeping an eye on things, and they sprung into action.

One of Arnold’s guards busted the potential thief by pulling a Taser on his ass. While they stood a few feet apart, Schwarzenegger swooped in, grabbed his wheels and took off.

We’re told the guy eventually left and no cops were involved. Arnold didn’t want to file a report.

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