Andre Iguodala Thinks Mark Jackson’s Been Blackballed Over Religious Views

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NBA’s Andre Iguodala

Thinks Mark Jackson’s Been Blackballed

… Over Religious Views

6/25/2019 10:00 AM PDT

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NBA star Andre Iguodala believes ex-Golden State Warriors head coach Mark Jackson has been blackballed from coaching in the NBA … and it’s all over his religious views. 

Andre has been playing for the Warriors since 2013 — and spent one year under coach Jackson — who’s been often credited with building the Warriors into the dynasty they are today. 

But, ever since Jackson was fired, he hasn’t been hired as a coach by any other NBA team — and when Andre went on “The Breakfast Club,” he explained his theory to Charlamagne tha God

“One particular issue was — from what I heard — was his views on gender, or marriage, or what the bible said on your sexuality.”

FYI, Jackson is a very religious Christian minister — who would often livestream his church services to his congregation from the Warriors team facility. 

Jackson also came under fire back in 2013 for comments he made when NBA player Jason Collins came out as gay. 

“As a Christian man, I have beliefs of what’s right and what’s wrong,” Jackson said at the time … “That being said, I know Jason Collins, I know his family, and am certainly praying for them at this time.”

Iguodala suggested Jackson’s views were not received well by Warriors exec Rick Welts — who’s openly gay — and the relationship between Mark and the team deteriorated from there. 

“There was conflicts with that that were widespread,” Andre said.

Jackson was fired in 2014 — and Iguodala believes other powerful NBA execs have essentially conspired to keep Mark out of the league ever since. 

What’s interesting … Andre says Jackson was beloved by his players. And, we know Jackson still has a tight relationship with several core members of the Warriors team and other powerful players around the league. 

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