Al Sharpton Says NBA Team’s Right To Dump ‘Owner’ Title

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Al Sharpton

‘Owner’ Title Is Disrespectful

… Glad NBA Team’s Scrapping It

6/7/2019 12:30 AM PDT


Al Sharpton says NBA teams are 100% right to scrap the “owner” title … saying the term is historically insensitive and disrespectful to a large number of players and should be gone.

TMZ Sports reported that multiple NBA teams have gone away from calling their majority stakeholders “owners” because some believe the term has a negative connotation.

We got Sharpton in ATL, and he not only tells us he agrees with the move but gives us a history lesson on why the rest of the league should follow suit.

“Many of the NBA players are descendants of people that were enslaved. When we hear the term owner, it’s a much different connotation than other people.”

There are a lot of people who think the league is being too “woke,” saying the word is used solely to describe the person in charge, and the NBA is nitpicking.

Sharpton says those people are wrong, and any league that’s 75% black should do it’s best to care about what its employees think.

“I think that if you want to respect people that are making you a lot of money, you ought to be sensitive and how they are relating to you and how they want a title that doesn’t make them uncomfortable”

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