5 things the debates taught me

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4. Warren showed she has more speeds than Bernie: The more I thought about Tuesday night’s debate, the more impressed I was with Warren’s performance. (My winners and losers from that debate are here.) Why? Because her Vermont colleague, Sen. Bernie Sanders, has one speed: Loud. He shouts his answers and dismisses those who disagree with him. Warren, on the other hand, showed a far defter touch in this debate. She’s quite clearly a liberal but one who wants to explain her positions and convince you as opposed to shouting down your doubts. All that said, Warren has embraced a lot of views — decriminalizing illegal immigration, abolishing private insurance — hat will make it very tough for her if she is the nominee.
5. Yang has real potential: For all the focus on Marianne Williamson’s performance in Tuesday night’s debate — and don’t get me wrong, she is interesting — I thought that Andrew Yang was the best performer out of the long-shot tier. Unlike the first debate, where Yang spoke sotto voce and barely registered, he was much more forceful and on message this time around. If you watched any of Wednesday night’s debate, you know one big thing about Yang: He favors giving every person in the United States over 18 years old $1,000 a year. (It’s known as universal basic income — much more on it and Yang here.) And Yang is only one poll away from qualifying for the next two debates in September and October.

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