49ers Safety Dropping ‘Officer Kaepernick’ Rap Song, ‘No Fear’ of Backlash

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49ers Safety

Dropping ‘Officer Kaepernick’ Rap

… ‘No Fear’ of Backlash

6/23/2019 12:35 AM PDT


San Francisco 49ers player is releasing a new rap song in support of Colin Kaepernick … and says he has “no fear” of any possible negative repercussions. 

The player is Antone Exum — a 6th year NFL safety who writes and produces rap music when he’s not playing in the league. 

Exum says the song he’s most excited about releasing is titled, “Officer Kaepernick” — which addresses police brutality and “injustices in the police force.”

As Exum puts it, “I feel like if [Kaepernick’s] whole movement had a score, it would be this song.”

The 28-year-old says he understands there are “good cops that we have” — and appreciates them — but says it’s important to call out the bad cops who operate out of a place of fear and hate.

When asked about a possible backlash from NFL owners, teammates and fans — Exum told us he is drawing strength from the former 49ers quarterback … who he considers an inspiration. 

“Kaepernick didn’t have any fear when he first took a knee,” Exum said … “I think I’ll be okay no matter what happens.”

Exum says he plans on releasing the track any day now — so stay tuned. 

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