2nd judge refuses to block House subpoenas for Trump bank records

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Judge Edgardo Ramos in New York on Wednesday refused to block subpoenas from the House of Representatives for Trump’s financial records from Deutsche Bank and Capital One. It’s the second such ruling against the President in three days.
Earlier Wednesday, Trump lashed out at Democrats for what he claimed were attempts to harass and undermine his presidency, declaring during an irate appearance in the Rose Garden he could no longer work with them as they proceed in their investigations.

The White House has stonewalled Democratic oversight requests, has refused to comply with subpoenas issued for information and is blocking former officials from testifying.

Part of the strategy is to prompt a drawn-out legal battle. But the new ruling is a second major setback.

Reading his 25-page opinion from the bench after a hearing Wednesday afternoon, Ramos said the House committees seeking Trump’s financial information have legitimate legislative purposes.

The subpoenas are broad, he said, but they are “clearly pertinent” to Congress’ work.

These subpoenas “do not constitute impermissible law enforcement activities,” he said, adding that he believes lawmakers should receive the documents quickly.

Earlier this week, Judge Amit Mehta in Washington, DC, said Trump’s former accounting firm would have to comply with a subpoena from Congress. Trump’s legal team appealed on Tuesday, but the Memorial Day subpoena date still stands because the appeals court has not yet intervened.
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The two court cases over House subpoenas, running closely in tandem, represent a major attempt by Trump to prevent Congress from reaching his personal and business records. The House has also requested Trump’s tax returns from the IRS, and Democrats in the House and the Senate are pursuing another court case that may allow them to look into the President’s business records for signs of foreign influence.

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In the New York case, the House Financial Services and Intelligence committees requested a large swath of Trump family and business records from Deutsche Bank and Capital One bank in April, saying they need the records to consider banking policy revisions and to investigate the President’s financial tangles with foreign powers, such as Russia.

Trump’s private legal team argues that the records requests violate his and his family’s privacy and have no legislative purpose.

This story is breaking and will be updated.

CNN’s Kevin Liptak contributed to this report.

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