New tariff threat could make iPhones and toys more expensive

iPhones. L.O.L. Surprise dolls. Nikes. Original source:

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This type of last minute renegotiation seems almost specifically designed to infuriate the President

China and the United States were moving towards an agreement to end a months-long trade war when, suddenly, it all fell apart this week. Original source:

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China overplayed its hand with Trump on trade, and it could cost them dearly

Now as negotiators scramble to resurrect the deal, revelations are emerging that indicate both sides appeared to think they had the other over a barrel. As a result, they pushed for more, setting the stage…

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Trump’s new tariff threat could make iPhones, toys and shoes more expensive

They could all get more expensive if President Donald Trump follows through on his threat to expand tariffs on Chinese imports to include an additional $325 billion in goods left out last year. The administration…

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