North Carolina sues Juul, claiming deceptive marketing and targeting youth

“As a result of Juul’s deceptive and unfair practices, thousands of North Carolina kids are at risk of addiction to nicotine,” Stein said Wednesday. “Juul must be stopped from spreading this disease any further and…

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A gunman slaughtered 11 Jewish worshippers. Then people hunted for hate online

In the hours and days after 11 people were slaughtered inside the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh last October, so many people typed hateful language into Google that it produced the most anti-Semitic searches…

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READ: White House letter rejecting Nadler's request

The White House on Wednesday rejected House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler’s demands for information as part of an obstruction probe, saying it will “continue to work in good faith” to accommodate “Congress’s legitimate requests for…

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Avlon: Trump intends to embark on a witch hunt of his own

CNN’s John Avlon explains why there is a call by Attorney General William Barr to investigate the origins of the Russia probe. Source link

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White House rejects Democrats’ request for documents in obstruction probe

White House Counsel Pat Cipollone sent a letter Wednesday to House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler arguing that the committee’s request for documents was illegitimate. “It appears that the Committee’s inquiry is designed, not to further…

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The teen who sacrificed his life to help stop the Colorado school shooting will be honored by hundreds of Jeeps

Castillo, the teen who was killed while trying to stop a gunman during the shooting at STEM School Highlands Ranch last week, loved all things Jeep. He saved up his money to buy his own…

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My daughter was killed on the Ethiopian Airlines flight. We need to keep unsafe planes on the ground

Losing Samya has been horrific for my family and me. But our experience is multiplied 156 times over for the other victims who lost wives, children, fathers and entire families. People around the world have…

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FAA officials in hot seat as world awaits Boeing 737 Max fix

The Federal Aviation Administration’s current acting administrator, Daniel Elwell, is expected to face questions from lawmakers about how the Max was certified, and what steps will be taken to assure a skittish flying public that…

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Pilots confronted Boeing over 737 Max concerns

New audio reveals American Airlines pilots confronted Boeing about safety features on the 737 Max following the October 2018 Lion Air crash. Source link

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Audio reveals pilots confronting Boeing official about 737 Max feature before 2nd deadly crash

The meeting between the pilots and the Boeing official happened in November — just weeks after an October crash of a Lion Air 737 Max into the Java Sea, and four months before a 737…

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